The Motorcycle Brand Contest is an independent category within the competition of the Automotive Brand Contest. The motorcycle industry continues to boom; thanks to excellent communication work, the brands of the world of motorised two-wheelers are enjoying considerable attention. Topics such as “passion” and “coolness” are relevant again; the industry is in the process of reclaiming the younger target group for itself.

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The jury session took place in Frankfurt am Main on 24 May 2018. Pictures: Manuel Debus

"We know that products themselves don’t make a brand. Immense courage, global insights and the daring to bank on a clear vision of an uncertain future are needed to build brands that move the needle. That is why awards like the Motorcycle Brand Contest are so important. They give brands the international affirmation needed to ensure they design up to their potential – and the determination to keep doing what they know is right.”

Gerald Kiska, Owner and CEO, KISKA
The winner 2017

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